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Updated 9/19/2010!
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Rumor confirmed??
As of 9/15/2010, it looks as though ANOTHER new Fiona Apple album will be released, this one in Spring of 2011! We are extremely excited to see Fiona making more music, and we join Fiona Apple fans worldwide in saying, "We missed you! Welcome back!"

See our Facebook Page for news links and more details about the new album!

New! Please join the Official Free Fiona Facebook Page by clicking here

The Free Fiona campaign officially concluded on Tuesday, October 4th, 2005, when Fiona Apple's Extraordinary Machine album was released to the public.  The album debuted at #7 on the Billboard charts (her highest debut to date) and was later nominated for a Grammy award, as well as earning RIAA Gold certification in the USA, selling in excess of 500,000 copies.  Congratulations, Fiona, and thank you for your beautiful music.

Thank you to all the fans for your support.  You made this happen and we could not have done it without you.  Fiona is free!

Click here for pictures of the campaign mailing! Additional, hi-res images available.

Free Fiona is the international campaign to Sony Music/Epic Records for the release of Fiona Apple's third album, Extraordinary Machine. Despite its completion in early 2003, Sony/Epic has withheld the release because...(click for more)
Press releases:


7/6/06 There is a little Q&A with Fiona in Time Magazine (July 3rd issue, page 99).  Check it out!

2/14/06 Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.  iTunes Originals has an EXCLUSIVE 26-track collection of previously unreleased material from Fiona Apple, including interviews and commentary about her songs and her writing style.  Download it today!

2/7/06  Fiona will be presenting at the Grammys!  Tune in tomorrow, Wednesday, February 8th, on CBS... Check your local listings for showtimes.  Extraordinary Machine has been nominated for Best Vocal Pop Album, also... wish her luck, everyone!

1/28/06  The RIAA has officially certified Extraordinary Machine a Gold record - congratulations Fiona, and thanks to all the fans that made it happen!  Let's keep supporting great music the right way, by buying it from the source!  Also, set your TiVos - Fiona will be performing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on February 10th!

12/23/05  Extraordinary Machine won the Entertainment Weekly's Reader's Poll for "Best New Album of 2005."  Congratulations, Fiona!  Check it out here.

12/12/05 Fiona performed "Extraordinary Machine" and "Paper Bag" this morning on NBC's The Today Show.  She did a great job and seemed very happy :) We're glad to have you back, Fiona.

12/8/05 Congratulations to Fiona for her Grammy Nomination for "Best Pop Vocal Album: EXTRAORDINARY MACHINE." The 48th Annual Grammy Awards will be held on February 8th and broadcast live on CBS. Also, Fiona will make her debut on The Today Show on Monday, December 12, performing "Extraordinary Machine" and "Paper Bag."

11/14  Fiona fans, if you're anything like me, you've been hoping that somehow, someday, you'd get a chance to see Fiona perform live.  Well, Fiona's going on tour starting in just a few weeks, and will be performing alongside Coldplay as well.  More info is available at her official site!

11/3 Make sure to catch Fiona tonight on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!

10/12 Extraordinary Machine debuts its first week at #7!  Congratulations, Fiona, and thank you to all the fans that made it happen!  Keep spreading the word - let's help her hit Platinum before the end of the year!  Press release

10/05 Entertainment Weekly reviewed Extraordinary Machine.  The verdict? - A, of course!

10/04  Extraordinary Machine is available today at your favorite music store.  We at Free Fiona would like to thank everyone for all your support and for making the campaign a success.  We did it!

9/15 Be sure to check out Fiona in September's Blender Magazine, the top magazine in the USA. She's #15 in the Blender 100!

9/13 Today is Fiona Apple's 28th birthday.  Happy birthday, Fiona!

9/9 Don't miss Fiona Apple tonight on MTV (et al) during the Shelter from the Storm benefit concert, 8:00 PM Eastern.

8/15/05 SUCCESS! tells all! Thanks to everyone for all your hard work - congratulations!  Make sure to download "Parting Gift" and "O Sailor" tomorrow from iTunes (LEGALLY, FINALLY!) and pick up your very own copy of "Extraordinary Machine" on October 4th from your favorite record store!
6/26/05 reports, "With her third album, Extraordinary Machine, collecting dust on some shelf in the basement of Epic's headquarters, and on the iPod of anyone with even a working knowledge of computers, Fiona Apple's starting anew, and hoping the second time's the charm. According to an Epic spokesperson, Apple's taking another stab at her third disc, and has been working with Brian Kehew (Moog Cookbook). No word yet on when — if ever — this one might surface."  Also, Blender magazine promises a piece on the Fiona Apple situation.  Look for it in the next issue!

5/14/05  Philadelphia Weekly writer Jonathan Valania has published an article about the mystery of Fiona's new album.  Check it out here

4/26/05  LA Fiona Apple fans, make sure to tune in to 106.7 KROQ on Thursday at 7:30 Pacific.  I'll be on the air with Kevin and Bean spreading the word about the campaign!

4/21/05  The US Congress has passed a bill, called the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act, that calls for more aggressive prosecution of criminal file-sharing.  Join the discussion at

4/20/05  MSN's Slate has posted an article about Fiona Apple and her new album.  Check it out at

As many of you are aware, April 20th has a special significance.  Six years ago today, two teenage boys murdered thirteen people at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado.  Earlier that morning, the Clinton Administration dropped a record number of bombs in Kosovo.  Our thoughts and memories are with these people and their families today.

4/13/05 New Yorkers, tune in to 93.9 WNYC, the National Public Radio affiliate, this afternoon at 2:00 PM Eastern.  There will be a special broadcast about the campaign and Fiona's new album.  Everybody else, check it out at and click on "Listen Online Now."  Keep up the good work, everybody!

4/7/05 Rolling Stone and the LA Times have been in touch with us in the last two days.  We'll put up links as soon as they're posted!  In the meantime, keep spreading the word!  We're making excellent headway!

4/2/05 The New York Times has published a review of the new album! :)

3/5/05 MISSION (1/2) ACCOMPLISHED!  All 11 songs are now in the hands of Fiona Apple fans.  We are still fighting to get the album released officially.  Please spread the word!  This is a big step for the campaign, and we are very close to convincing Sony to do the right thing!

3/2/05 Mention of the new songs in Rolling Stone! Click here!

3/2/05 MTV has a great article about what's happening with the campaign.  THREE NEW TRACKS HAVE LEAKED ONTO THE INTERNET, *AND* THE ENTIRE ALBUM IS IN THE POSSESSION OF A WASHINGTON DJ!! Click here.

2/16 Sony has yet to publicly acknowledge our efforts, although we know through inside info that they're aware of the campaign and are taking us seriously!  We're regrouping right now and brainstorming new campaign ideas - please email if you have any suggestions!

2/1 Pictures coming soon!  Sony still hasn't officially acknowledged the campaign, and we haven't been able to get a statement about the status of the release.  This campaign is still very much in action and we aren't giving up till Extraordinary Machine is in stock at your local record store!

1/28 3:35 PM - GREAT JOB AT THE PROTEST, EVERYBODY!  Unfortunately, we were not able to meet Andrew Lack in person, but we are trying to set up an appointment to meet with him.  We gathered lots of signatures, passed out red hats and stickers, sang Fiona songs and chanted for hours in the ~f~r~e~e~z~i~n~g~ cold!  At 4, we're heading down to the MTV Building in Times Square to get some more signatures.  Look for us on TRL!
Press release and pictures will be posted tonight!

1/28 THIS IS IT!  The campaign managers have been awake all night getting ready - we're gonna have a blast!  I've been in touch with reporters from the New York Times, MTV News, Rolling Stone, SPIN, and several others who will be attending the protest as well.  See you all on Madison Avenue at 11:00!

1/27 Day 4, everybody!  Hello from New York City! Today, everyone wear red to spread the word about the campaign!  Try to tell at least 3 total strangers about the campaign - there is still time to get as many signatures as we can before we present the petition to Mr. Lack!  Tomorrow's the protest!  Hope to see you all there!

1/26 DAY 3!  Today is "Request Fiona Day" of Apple Week.  Everyone call your local radio station and request your favorite Fiona tune as often as you can today!  Use Radio Locator ( in the USA to find all your local stations' contact information.

1/25 Thanks to everyone for mailing your apple!  Today, Day 2 of Apple Week, is "Email Sony Day."  Use this Sony Feedback Form with subject "Epic" and message "Free Fiona!"

1/24 TODAY'S THE DAY!  GO MAIL YOUR APPLE TO SONY!  Also, Friday, January 28th is our official "Sell Out Fiona Apple" day.  Go pick up a Fiona Apple album at your local store - the goal is to sell out as many stores across the globe as possible!  The "special surprise" is almost ready - be sure to keep an eye on the news this Friday!

-- SPECIAL NOTE -- I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone for their donations.  You have really helped out a lot.  Now for the bad news... We are still pretty far from our goal.  We have LOTS planned for the protest and we're going to have to cut some corners if the donations don't pick up... There is still time to pull this off right! Please donate if you can!  We appreciate your support.  Thanks!

1/23 We're in the process of labeling all the apples (see Campaign Photos), and the printed petition is wrapped and ready to present to Mr. Lack!  Tomorrow is APPLE DAY!  Get ready to mail your apple to Sony! Today's also my 21st birthday.  Yay! - Dave

1/22 We're going to be labling the apples this weekend!  Pictures coming soon.  Meanwhile, here's a picture of the petition, printed out!  We've also now passed 3.3 MILLION HITS!

Attention Visitors! For the most up-to-date information on the campaign, please visit the Campaign Discussion Forum.

Who are you guys, anyway? The Free Fiona Management Team and Dave  Muscato, Founder, Free Fiona

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